Special Projects

Sometimes we all have the odd project where we need an extra pair of hands. Often these projects around the home are seasonal, such as putting up holiday decorations or assembling and installing that new swing-set in the backyard. Perhaps you’re ready to move and you need to prepare your home for sale, with all the headaches that entails like repainting, woodwork repairs, plumbing problems, replacing old tile, and more.

Maybe it’s a more unique problem and you’re not even sure what kind of professional to call, like repairing those freshly discovered woodpecker holes in the side of your house. No matter how unusual the task, One Man & A Toolbox is up for the challenge.

Inspired by an HGTV trick that’s outside your skill set? Give us a call. Decorating an area of the house you can’t quite reach? Get in touch. Converting a spare room into a home office? We’re on standby. Whatever you can dream up for your next special project, call One Man & A Toolbox to make it a reality.