5 Simple Ways to Transform your Outdoor Space


It’s no secret that an inviting outdoor space is an excellent way to bring family and friends together. With summer in progress and football season quickly approaching, why not bring the entertainment of your home outdoors? However, before you can host your perfect event and enjoy the warm weather, you probably need to spruce up your backyard from the rough winter months. Here are a few ideas to easily rejuvenate your backyard.

Switch up the lighting.

Lighting is a key factor to consider when updating, especially if you plan to enjoy your space during the evenings. The proper lighting can provide a relaxing atmosphere and have a big impact on the ambiance. We recommend adding downward facing lights. A downward glow is softer and more flattering than an upward-facing bulb. Adding some sparkling string lights is never a bad idea—plus, it’s so easy! Hang them across your patio or above your porch to create an enchanting oasis. You can also simply drape them across plants or wrap them around trees. Bottom line—there are plenty of ways to enhance your backyard by utilizing lights.

Degunk your deck.

Winter can really do some damage to your deck. If you want your outdoor area to be an inviting and safe space, then doing some deck maintenance is almost inevitable. Replacing rotten wood and sanding your deck will help to avoid splinters and increase appearance. Get rid of unwanted dirt and moldy leaves by pressure washing the area. While fixing your deck may seem like a daunting task, it is a rather important one. For more on deck maintenance, click here.

Touch up your paint.

Whether it’s touching up chipped areas on your fence or completely repainting a table and chairs, updating your paint is a great way to refresh your background for the summer and fall seasons. For a minimal change, just touch up any areas on your fence or windows that appear worn or chipped. To really make your space stand out, consider adding a splash of color. One of the cheapest ways to update your tired patio furniture is to give it a fresh new look with a paint job.

Hang a porch swing.

What better way to kick back and cherish an evening under the stars than with a porch swing? Porch swings are enjoyable for both children and adults alike. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with adding some additional seating.

Install an outdoor TV.

Let’s be honest—having a TV on your patio should basically be a requirement. Before you host your tailgate party, be sure you have an outdoor TV for your guests to catch the big game. Keep in mind where you place this TV, as you don’t want too much direct light. You may also want to mount your TV to ensure guests can view the screen at multiple angles. Depending on your patio, different installation methods are required.

Get started!

Ready to transform your outdoor space, but think it seems like way too much work? No matter what your summer project is, we’re here to help! Whether it’s as simple as hanging your patio lights or a bit more time consuming like repainting your fence, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for a quote or fill out the form below to request a service online.

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