Upgrade your Outdated Bathroom


Are you looking to give your bathroom a complete turnaround? Or do you just want to make a few quick updates? Either way, the process can be overwhelming. Many homeowners underestimate the number of visitors their bathroom actually receives. Plus, bathroom upgrades can have a great return on investment. Transforming a bathroom can be a pretty quick and inexpensive task if done right, but how do you know when your bathroom is due for an update? We’ve put together a list of signs it’s time to give your bathroom an upgrade.

Outdated colors.


Does the color of your bathroom remind you of the 70’s?  Funky colors are the most obvious sign that your bathroom is out of date. Get rid of those mint green and peach bathrooms. Gray, black and white palettes are not only trending but provide a timeless, modern look.

Old bathroom smell.

If you read this and immediately panicked, then it may be time to give your bathroom a renovation. Some bathrooms have a consistent old bathroom smell, no matter how often you clean. A few common fixes to rid of the smell is replacing your toilet’s wax seal or fixing a pesky sink leak. If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, consider adding better ventilation to create a fresher smell.

Unappealing lighting.

Creating the perfect bathroom lighting isn’t easy. Most times people find that the lighting is either too bright or not bright enough. Finding a happy medium between the two is the tricky part. Installing updated light fixtures and the appropriate light bulbs are a great start to updating your bathroom space.

Lack of storage.


Older homes often lack storage space in the bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t have a closet or a sink with storage space below, then take action! Add new shelving or install a large sink vanity. Each bathroom situation is different, so take some time to examine exactly what your bathroom needs.

Poor layout.

The layout of older bathrooms is often another indication you may want to remodel. Many older homes have the toilet next to the shower or tub. Today, people would rather have the toilet and shower separate. Consider moving the toilet to create a more aesthetically pleasing space. If you want your bathroom to be more spacious, look into taking out a wall and expanding.

Out-of-date style.

Popcorn ceilings and old wallpaper are a pretty obvious sign you need some updating. If you’re planning on putting your house on the market, your bathroom needs a modern design. Replacing old faucets, toilets and shower heads is a good place to start. Adding multiple sinks is another way to increase the value of your bathroom.

Make the most out of your bathroom by getting started today! If you’re ready to update, start by brainstorming the look you want for your new bathroom. Don’t let the amount of work discourage you- leave it to the professionals! Contact One Man & A Toolbox today for a quote or fill out the form below to request a service online.


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