5 Things to Do Before Showing Your House

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home to Be Sold with One Man and a Toolbox.jpg

Whether you’re looking to sell your house or just want to get your abode fresh and clean, now is a great time to tackle projects you put on the backburner for the fall and winter. All you need is some motivation and a free Saturday (or two) to get in the spring repair spirit. Here are five simple ways to put your best “house” forward: 

Update the Exterior

The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see, so make sure it’s looking its best! Give it a fresh coat of paint, replace missing fence boards, take care of missing shingles, address problems with siding, clean out the gutters, and replace the house numbers to ensure they are visible.   

Update the Paint

Like the exterior, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for any room. Consult with an interior designer or paint specialist to find your perfect shade. Make sure to pick a hue that works well with the space but isn’t outdated. Don’t hesitate to hire someone else to do it the right way, either.

Minor Kitchen Updates

The state of the kitchen is another important decision for potential buyers. While your wallet may not be in support of an entire remodel, there are minor updates you can make to your kitchen. Give the walls a new color, install new fixtures, stain your cabinets, or replace your countertops to something more appealing. Installing new appliances is also a great idea.

Bathroom Repairs

A clean bathroom that functions properly is a must-have for potential buyers. Repair that running toilet and leaky faucet. Even replacing the toilet seat can give it a new look. Replace the grout and replace any missing tile. Like every room, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint and taking care of any dingy surfaces. 

Overall Functionality

Walk through your house and make sure everything works—door knobs, locks, cabinets, windows, etc. Not everything needs to be brand new, but everything does need to work. A few broken components can drive the price of a house down quickly.

If reading this gives you anxiety, have no fear. At One Man & A Toolbox, we provide professional handyman services and take care of your repair to-do list. Our goal is to do every job in a competent and professional manner while providing the best value for our customers. Give us a call today for a quote or fill out the form below to request a service online.   

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