5 Steps to Spring Cleaning

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As temperatures begin to rise and flowers bloom, it’s only natural to refresh your home for the new spring season. But how did we fall into the routine of spring cleaning?  

Many historians believe that the tradition stems from the Iranian new year on March 21. The new year celebrations lasted two weeks and was a time of regeneration for the Iranians, using symbols of burning and planting to represent optimism and renewal.

Spring cleaning is much more loosely employed today, but it is an essential part of owning a home. Here’s a spring cleaning checklist to make your house feel fresh this season.

Wash windows

Outside windows are typically dirtier than inside windows. Start by rinsing the outside windows with the hose, then fill a bucket with clean, cool water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Go over the surface of the window with a cloth, then rinse thoroughly with the hose. Wipe the window dry using a rubber-bladed squeegee, working from top to bottom. You can also use a clean towel or newspaper pages to dry the windows.

Clean gutters

Gutters are one of the most forgotten parts of a home that need extra attention this time of year. Wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and rubber gloves, use a small plastic scoop to remove the grime. Make sure you don’t mess up your lawn in the process by dump the dirt onto a plastic tarp on the ground. After you’ve cleared the waste, flush the gutters and downspouts with a hose. This is also a great way to spot any leaks.

Power wash deck

Power washing your outside deck is a big project to take on. First, apply wood cleaner and detergent to the surface and scrub the solution into tight corners with a utility brush, covering the width of a few boards with each pass. Allow the detergent to remain on the surface you're cleaning for the time specified by the manufacturer, but don’t allow it to dry on the deck.

To spray the cleaner off, rinse with the grain of the wood, starting at the top and working down to prevent streaks. Use overlapping passes for more even cleaning. After you've sprayed off the cleaner, let the deck dry for 48 hours before applying a stain or sealer.

Clean air vents

Your home should not only look clean, but smell clean, too. To clean your air vents, turn off your air conditioner at the breaker. Vacuum as much dust, cobwebs and debris as possible from the vent cover slats, then remove the screws that hold the vent cover in place and set them aside. Submerge the vent cover in your sink or tub with a solution of dish soap and hot water and leave it to soak for about 20 minutes to loosen stubborn dust and grime.

Remove the cover from the water and scrub both sides with a damp cloth. Rinse the vent cover thoroughly with clean water and then set it on a clean towel to dry. To prevent rust later, set a hair dryer on cool and blow air into the joints of the vent cover to dry up any moisture that may have collected in the slats.

Refresh plumbing

Give your garbage disposal and sink drain a fresh start for the spring season. Run a couple of lemon rinds through the disposal and then follow up with running cold water. For your sink drain, mix a ½ cup of baking soda and a ¼ cup table salt and pour, followed by 1 cup of heated vinegar. Let the solution sit for 15 minutes, then run hot tap water through the drain.

As you’re cleaning, you might notice some leaks, scratches or even a bigger problem you were unaware of. If you have repairs that need to be taken care of this season, don’t stress out. Call One Man & A Toolbox at 205-823-211 or fill out the form below today!

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